Our Story

How it all started...

Grace Harbor began as a Bible Study consisting of three families, one of those being Mel and Bev Holmgren.  Terry and Frances Mallet and family came to Sitka in 1979, and the church was organized as Trinity Baptist Church in 1980.  The small church grew rapidly and met in a variety of places, but mostly at Allen Auditorium on the Sheldon Jackson campus.
Paul and Carolyn and their family come to succeed the Mallets in 1987.  The church services were moved to the Seventh Day Adventist church building in 1989.  The long awaited dreams of the founders were fulfilled when God provided the means to build, and with the generous outpouring of volunteer help through the Craftsmen for Christ.  The present building was constructed in 1996.  Over 100 volunteers came to Sitka in the summer of that year, and our first service as held in this building in January of 1997.
Grace Harbor was the name selected in 2005 to better represent the mission and values of the ministry of the gospel in Sitka.
Grace Harbor is an autonomous (self-governing) local body of believers organized to respond to the headship of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Head of His church.  We are voluntarily affiliated in covenant relationship with approximately 250 other Conservative Baptist churches in the four northwestern states.  Church Venture NW (CVNW) is one of 8 regional associations which together comprise the the Venture Church Network (VCN) of America.  Collectively, these churches are able to work internationally through the mission known as World Venture, and in the Americas through Missions Door.  An additional ministry arm of the VCN are seminaries in Denver, CO, and Portland, OR, and a 4 year undergraduate college in Phoenix, AZ.

Be a part of our story...

Join us  every Sunday at 10:30 AM. 

About Us

Our Identity at Grace Harbor
Our name Grace Harbor defines the mission and the message of our church.
We use the word “Grace” because it represents the:
principal of our salvation, and the
power by which God transforms us.
The word “Harbor” describes our church not only as a:
safe place for the healing of the brokenness of our lives, but as a
strategic port from which our influence can extend to the rest of the world.
It is our hope that Grace Harbor will be an environment into which those on the outside can enter and feel welcome, safe, and accepted.
It is also our hope that Grace Harbor will be a launch point from which those of us on the inside exit to fulfill the great commission.

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